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Read Across America/Dr. Seuss 2020

Our wonderful cafeteria ladies dressed for the day!

Mrs. Heather Wilson, a parent and our PTO president, read to Mrs. Andrea Wilkinson’s first graders. They enjoyed having her to celebrate with them! (Mrs. Julie Climer is filling in while Mrs. Andrea is on maternity leave and the kiddos are enjoying her, too.)

Mrs. Andrea’s/Mrs. Julie’s class made hats, for Cat in the Hat. They made mustaches that looked like the Lorax and wrote about what would they do if thing one and thing two came to their house! 

Mrs. Tina’s class ate green eggs and ham! They also had one fish, two fish cupcakes! 

They drew and painted the Cat in the Hat to add to their fun learning! Plus they played green eggs and ham tic tac toe!

Pinning the green egg on the ham!

Dr. Seuss fun! 

Mrs. Tina Frizzell
Teacher 1
Mrs. Tina read  The Cat in the Hat and One Fish, Two Fish to her first graders!     

Mr. David Frizzell read Green Eggs and Ham to the class and they enjoyed him being with them!

Playing “Pin the Green Egg on the Ham!”

Mrs. Susan Crownover making Dr. Seuss soup for hers and Mrs. Kelly Eliff’s third graders! 

Dressed up third grader enjoying Dr. Seuss soup!

Along with the soup, the third graders read all kinds of Dr. Seuss books!

Mrs. Diane Daniels’s fifth grade class enjoyed having Eliana’s dad, Jacoby Wright, read to them when we celebrated Read Across America!

Eliana’s dad, Jacoby Wright, read The Three Cups!

Dad and daughter!

Thing One and Thing Two fifth grade cuties!

Mrs. Judy Sanders and her grandchild, Harper, came to Westover to read to Miss Amber Vineyard’s sixth grade.

Mrs. Judy also talked to the kids about illustration and how it makes the book come to life.

She read Yertle the Turtle and Oh the Places You’ll Go.

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