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Call of the Wild Reading Night

10 months ago

On February 21st, 2017, Mrs. Winter Taylor and the Parent Involvement Team had a great adventure with the Wild World of Reading Night and we met a Natchez Trace Park Ranger! He read The Salamander Room and shared his snake with the students. They  played Species Charades and a Bear Hunt Scavenger Game, read on myON, and had bear paw cupcakes for refreshment!

Delicious and cute cupcakes

reading myon and testing AR

All Eyes on the Park Ranger

Mrs. Winter!

Fresh roasted coffee, exclusive teas & light meals

TASL 2016-2017 Bookmark Winners

10 months ago

February 2017, these winners created bookmarks that show "School Libraries Empower Students." They will be sent to the TASL (Tennessee Association of School Librarians) state contest.
Kayla Moody, Riley Tate, Ellie Speer, Katelyn Peal (back)

2016 Book Characters

10 months ago

Promoting literacy, our Westover students dressed up as books characters! We had lots of participation!! Students and faculty!!

Hanging out in the library!
More in the library!
What a character!


Sixth graders!

In the library!

Mrs. Wilkinson's bunch
Mrs. Tina and her first graders

Mrs. Winter, the wolf, and her crew

Mrs. Cassie, one of the three pigs, with her bunch

Mrs. Crownover, another of the three pigs, and her class

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf
Mrs. Winter, Mrs. Cassie, Mrs. Susan, and Mrs. Amber
Mrs. Tulley, one of the three little pigs, with her group

Mrs. Hayes!

Mrs. Betty Davis and her fourth graders

Third graders getting ready
Three Blind Mice:
Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. McKee, and Mrs. Fesmire
Eighth graders

More eighth graders

Dr. Seuss characters

Fifth grade bunch

Mrs. Jackson

Fourth grade bunch

More fourth graders

Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Roach, and Mrs. Valle
Seventh grade bunch

Sixth graders

More sixth graders

8th Grade
The Outsiders

Mrs. Wilkinson, the Rainbow Fish, with her class

Mrs. Valle, Felonious Gru, from the Minions, talks to the Big Bad Wolf

2016-2017 Dr. Seuss/Read Across America Day

9 months ago

On Monday,  Ms Suzie Yanessa came to read The Cat in the Hat to Mrs. Theresa Sadler's PreK!

More Monday listeners in Mrs. Sadler's class!

Mrs. Samantha Poe, Mrs. Theresa Sadler's daughter, read Green Eggs and Ham with PreK!

PreK eating green eggs and ham!

Mrs. Jackie Collins, a friend of Mrs. Theresa's, read Green Eggs and Ham!

Mr. Leon Mullen, Mrs. Theresa's dad, and Dianne, her stepmom came to read on Monday!

Mr. Robbie McCready, a local police officer,  is reading to the third graders!

Officer McCready reading The Butter Battle Book! The students then had a bread and butter battle!

Great Cafeteria Ladies!
Third Grader in Cafeteria!
Cafeteria Cashier and Customer!

More of the cafeteria!

We love our cafeteria ladies! They always support us!

Kindergarten early duty!

Early duty first graders!
Cindy Lou Who!
Heading to the gym for early duty!

Proud of her book!

Coming from the gym!

Wearing his hat in computer lab!

Our little cat in the computer lab!
His mom made his hat!
Hat and ribbon are cute!

Mrs. Judy Sanders, our federal programs director, always reads The Lorax to Mrs. Hayes's sixth graders! This has been a tradition for years!

Sixth graders listen to Mrs. Sanders!

More of sixth graders listening to Mrs. Sanders!

Characters in the hall! 2nd graders!
Thing 1 and Thing 2!
Delivering to the office!

Mrs. Melissa Barker, one of our county reading coaches, reading Oh, the Places You'll Go to Mrs. Wallace's class!

Sixth graders listening to Mrs. Barker!

Mrs. Winter's Door
Mrs. Susan Crownover reading to her kiddos!
Mrs. Dunavant with her appropriate t-shirt!

Fifth grade things!

Mrs. Andrea Wilkinson's door!

Thing 1 and thing 2!

Won playing musical spots in the gym with Mr. Rhodes!
More winners of mingle and musical spots in the gym with Mr. Rhodes
Teacher 2 and Thing 2!

Mrs. Winter's Class with Their Cat Faces and Hats!

Mrs. Brooke with Mrs. Tammie's Class!

Teachers 1, 2, and 3!
Fox in Socks!
Dr. Seuss Minion!

Fourth graders in Mrs. Betty Davis's class listening to Mr. Joe read Horton Hatches the Egg!

Mr. Joe Davis reading to Mrs. Betty Davis's fourth graders!

Put Me in the Zoo!
Cute little yellow tail!

Mrs. Tina's first graders!

Mrs. Daniels's class made Oobleck!

Mrs. Wilkinson and her kiddos!
Dad and daughter, mom and daughter, friend!
Mr. Wilkinson, our director of schools, reading Green Eggs and Ham to Mrs. Wilkinson's first graders!

Student listening to Mr. Wilkinson!

Mrs. Wilkinson's boys reading together!
Mom and son!
Mrs. Wilkinson's girls reading together!

More of Mrs. Wilkinson's fellas!

Westover  celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America on Thursday, March 2. The cafeteria had healthy cupcakes for lunch and we had guests reading and lots of fun activities!

We had several guests from our community and appreciate them taking time to read to our students! Mrs. Judy Sanders, the Title I supervisor with the HCBE, read The Lorax to Mrs. Hayes’s 6th graders; Mr. Wilkinson, our director of schools, read Green Eggs and Ham to Mrs. Wilkinson’s first graders; Mrs. Melissa Barker, one of our county reading coaches, read Oh, the Places You’ll Go to Mrs. Wallace’s sixth graders; and Mr. Joe Davis, a parent/husband, read Horton Hatches the Egg to all the fourth graders .

Pre-K celebrated all week, having visitors and doing fun activities!! On Monday,  Ms Suzie Yanessa came to read The Cat in the Hat. On Thursday, Mrs. Samantha Poe, Mrs. Theresa’s daughter, read Green Eggs and Ham to the three year old PreK, and the class enjoyed eating green eggs and ham. On Friday, Ms. Jackie Collins, a friend of Mrs. Theresa’s, read Green Eggs and Ham to the four year old PreK, and they had green eggs and ham.

Mrs. Wilkinson’s class made "green eggs" using vanilla pudding, green food coloring, and wafer cookies for the yolk, and also had a birthday party for Dr. Seuss and the parents came to enjoy this. Mrs. Daniels’s 5th graders all read Bartholomew and the Oobleck, and made oobleck in class and took some home. In Mrs. Simpson’s 5th grade Reading classes, they used our new Myon program to learn more about Dr. Seuss by listening to his biography and AR testing on the story, then they had a little fun with the sillier side of Dr. Seuss she read There's a Wocket in my Pocket. Mrs. Wallace had lots of goodies to eat, such as Yertle Turtles, Goose Juice, Green Eggs and Ham, and One Fish Two Fish cupcakes, then they read Oh, The Places You’ll Go, which has been their tradition since we started this. Mrs. McKee also read Oh, the Places You’ll Go, which she always does with her 8th graders. Mr. Rhodes played games, Musical Spots and Mingle, and gave away Dr. Seuss hats to different groups.

What a fun day! There were lots more activities!

Pokemon Are in the Library!

10 months ago