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TASL 2018-2019 Bookmark Winners

9 months ago

2019 February TASL Bookmark Contest

Everyone Belongs @ Your School Library

These will be sent to the TASL (Tennessee Association of School Librarians) state contest.

6th-8th Brylie Ruga, Brianna Buckley, Shaelynn Benson

3rd-5th Nicholas Powers, Eliana Wright, Sierra


1st-2nd Maci Fowler, Paisley Yates, Gauge Hall

The Cafe

Fresh roasted coffee, exclusive teas & light meals

Dr. Seuss/Read Across America March 2019

9 months ago

Mrs. Teresa Crownover, from the Henderson County Board of Education, reading Green Eggs and Ham to Mrs. Tina Frizzell's class! Great to have her!

Mrs. Renee Maynard, our principal, reading Sidney and Norman, the Tale of Two Pigs, to Mrs. Tina's first graders!

Mrs. Tina's bunch with their Cat in the Hat hats!

Mayor Eddie Bray

Mrs. Daniels invited the mayor to read The Lorax to her fifth graders!

Our Mayor

Talking to the students, who enjoyed having him read and visit!

Mayor Eddie bray read to the fifth graders

Captain Donna Hetherington

Captain Donna Hetherington, from the Lexington Police Department, read The Cat in the Hat to Mrs. Overman's class. They enjoyed talking with her! Thanks to her for taking time out of her day to come!

Mrs. Kassie Overman's First Graders

Mrs. debbie britt reads On Beyond zebra

First Grade Teachers

What a team of teachers!

Mrs. Tina Frizzell, Mrs. Andrea Wilkinson, Mrs. Kassie Overman, and Miss Amber Vineyard!

Second graders eating bread and butter after reading The Butter Battle Book in Mrs. Elise Eads's room!

He chose butter side down in the battle!

He chose butter side up!

Mrs. Andrea Wilkinson's First Graders

Mom Helping

Mrs. Andrea Wilkinson's class had parents join in the celebration!

Mom Reading

The first graders enjoyed having parents reading Dr. Seuss books!

Dad Reads

This group of Mrs. Wilkinson's is enjoying this, too!

More of Mrs. Wilkinson's visitors! A grandmom!

Mom reading with her Thing 1!

Mrs. Wilkinson's first graders did a super job with watercoloring painting!

Mrs. Kassie's First Graders

With their Lorax mustaches!!

Mrs. Elise's second Graders

enjoying bread and butter!

The Lorax

Our fourth grade student teacher, Miss Rachel Roberts really dressed the part as the Lorax and also read the book to the fourth graders! Good luck to her in her next student teaching position and her teaching position in the fall!

Jackie Collins

Pre-K had a guest to read Green Eggs and Ham!


Pre-K loves having stories read to them!

Wacky Wednesday

Reading his Dr. Seuss book!

Mrs. Theresa Sadler's Pre-K eating green eggs and ham!

Mrs. Mary Edens is serving green eggs and ham!

What fun in Mrs. Theresa and Mrs. Mary's class!


Eating with her Seuss hat on

Kindergarten and 7th Graders

Crazy hat fella eating with friends

1st Grader

Seussy outfit in the cafeteria

Cat in the Hat looking great!

Poms poms and all!

Another cute Cat in the Hat!

Dr. Seuss

From heat to toe!

Two Characters

Cindy Lou and the Grinch!

Grinch Hat

So many hats creations!

Love his hat!

Cindy Lou!

Sam I am!!


Book Character!


Book Character!

Cindy Lou

All Seuss dressed up!

Cat in the Hat!

Love his shirt!

Spiderman reading a Spiderman book!

Pretty Kindergartner as Sophia!

Thing 1 Thing 2


Dr. Seuss Dress-up

Aren't they cute!

Mrs. Overman's Class

Listening to Dr. seuss books with their cute hats!

3rd Graders

Aren't they cute!

More 3rd Graders

Cute characters!

3rd Again


Seventh graders reading!

More seventh graders reading and AR quizzing!


Mrs. Tammie Wulfert's class dressed up!


What a day!

Mrs. Theresa Sadler

Cute ones!

Sixth grade dressed in characters and Dr. Seuss!

More sixth! Thing 2!

Fourth graders in different characters!

Mrs. winter taylor's kindergartners

Cute kiddos and hats!

Mrs. Elise Eads's Bunch

Dressed up as Seuss and other book characters!

Miss Amber Vineyard's Bunch

Also lots of characters...Seuss and others!

Mrs. Tina and her Seuss characters!

Mrs. Kassie and her Seuss characters and unique hats!

Sheri Robbins

Pre-K has a guest reading Go, Dog, Go!


Loving the story!

Mrs. Theresa Sadler's Pre-K

Enjoying their guest!

Helping The Frances Hensley Animal Shelter in Lexington

about 1 year ago

Mrs. Monica Rayas and her daughters, who volunteer at the Frances Hensley Animal Shelter in Lexington, brought Edward, the dog, and, Flannel, the cat, to visit the homerooms who made donations to the shelter. They went to the following homerooms: Mrs. Debbie, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Britt, Mrs. Pearson, and Mrs. Creech.

Mrs. Jamie Creech's sixth graders did a project to help the shelter and have a box in the library for donations that we are still collecting, so please continue to send them!

Mrs. Britt's Sixth Graders
Mrs. Debbie's Kindergarten
Mrs. Monica with the kindergartners
Flannel or Fofo

R.E.A.D.S., Overdrive, Libby

11 months ago

Mrs. Crystal Ozier is showing our seventh graders how to use the R.E.A.D.S. program, using Overdrive and/or Libby. It is the eBook and Audio Book Download System administered by the Tennessee State Library and Archives. All you need is an internet connections and a library card/number. See Mrs. Jackson for more information.
Students Listening

Westover loves to read!

Showing Some Great Selections!