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  • Free Breakfast
    All Westover students can have free breakfast. Breakfast starts at 7:00 am.

    Be sure to join us every morning!!
  • Lunch Prices
    $2.25 per day for students
    $0.40 per day (for students with reduced lunch)
    $3.50 for adult visitors
    The lunch room also sells snacks to purchase during lunch time. Chips, Rice Krispie Treats and fruit chews are 50 cents each.
    They also sell a variety of ice cream for 75 cents each.
Chips .75
Ice-Cream .75
Ice Cream Cups .50
Rice Krispies Treats .75
Water .75
Fruit Roll Ups .75
Krave Cereal Snack .75
Fruit Chews .50
Chex Mix .50

Switch Drinks $1.00